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50 50 distribution

Excellent article. Learning how to manage these intense feelings is probably a useful part of the discussion and education about probabilities. But like I said in the article , thats a moot point since most tracks do not have this kind of driving. The distribution’s peak is off center toward the limit and a tail stretches away from it. 911’s brake well because all that weight over the back allows them to have a larger deceleration force in the rear than typical cars have which keeps them from rotating while braking. It does have alot of traction out of corners and the turn in is amazing as well as brakes. The benefits gained by having shorter braking distances and the ability to put the power down sooner usually outweigh the negatives of having more rear weight. (Which doesn't make this question invalid, of course!). Theoretical/academical question - Is it possible to simulate, e.g., a (unicode) LuaTeX engine on an 8-bit Knuth TeX engine? It seems that in the context of the right answer, from an outside point of view, he's using the principle of insufficient reason; he's simply made a logical error solving the right question. Here’s a good way to test a mechanics knowledge on something other than fixing things: ask one what causes your rotors to warp. These control arms took some camber out of the front wheels and tamed the ‘loose’ sporty handling of the car. Porsche can make things work. I believe I read that the ideal for cornering would be for the weight to be very near the CG, as this minimizes the moment of inertia and thus torque required to turn. This principle is behind basically all of statistics, probability theory, and statistical mechanics, although it is often disguised in some way. Although he did not say it I assume the author was not intending to imply that weight in large amounts actually behind the rear axle would help with turning. Either you win or you lose. Basically when you want to have fun (if you understand the concept). That’s why it’s rear-engined. While grip goes up with wight, it does not proportionally. This is the case with pretty much all muscle cars. With the budget cap introduced in 2021, the FIA has taken the first step in the new direction. Of course if the lottery is conscription it may genuinely be 50%. - substitute $X$ with the number your son won in your game. I’d really like to hear more on this topic. A car with minimal power and traction is … BTW, there are rumors about the new C7 corvette favoring a rearward weight distribution…. When I say 1 to 90M I mean I need to buy 90M tickets and I expect one of them will win. Is it known to have these handling characteristics? An uneven front-to-rear weight distribution mid-corner means that we are overloading one of the outside tyres more than the other, and thus wasting grip of the less-loaded tyre. As to the weight shift, of course it shifts differently. Meanwhile they are unable to explain why 50/50 was not done for most Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotus’…. What 50-50 means for you? Porsche engineers are GODS and that’s the main reason the 911 is so successful, but even they are struggling to make the weight distribution of the 911 more evenly spread by moving the engine slightly forward f.e. so I guess the author should thank you for proving his point with your own example. But all things being equal, the MR is the ideal layout because of SCIENCE. :). This is because the front brake locks the front tire and causes the bike to try to rotate and flip over the front. But those setups also don’t lend themselves to practicality either; and in the case of a rear-engine configuration, engine choices are generally limited to lighter weight engines. For example, flipping a coin 100 times you'll find you get roughly 50/50 odds of heads and tails. Midfield gets more money. Needless to say, the rear brakes do more work on a car that has a greater rear weight distribution. Here is a good guide on how to tune over and understeer: http://www.timskelton.com/lightning/race_prep/suspension/corrections.htm. I know that if I had to write code for two outcomes I might have to spend the same amount of effort upon each. Especially when the brakes are slammed hard. Yes, they naturally oversteer, but it’s snap oversteer with an anchor behind the rear wheels, that acts as a pendulum. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen any discussion of driver weight/position. Bear in mind that a static weight distribution of 50/50 will change dramatically from power on/off, braking. Also, try to provide some proof or sources to backup your claims. What does “Four selected students are not born in the same months” mean? rev 2021.1.6.38263, Sorry, we no longer support Internet Explorer, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Mathematics Educators Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. The 911 is a sexy beast no doubt, but the on-the-limit handling is far from perfect. John, I again disagree, the assessment of porsche is: they are fast inspite of their weight distribution, not because of it. It gives the tendency to oversteer because of Newtons first law. You demand someone to prove you wrong with examples and stats, while what you’re stating is, sorry, but a bit daft. Automakers, engineers have to consider the 30 year old male single manager as the potential buyer for the car but also take into account the family guy who wants to be the 9 year old when having fun in the snow with the kids on the backseat. The Integra is spectacularly forgiving and easy to drive, but understeers easily under power so in tighter corners it benefits from some footbrake or handbrake while giving it gas on the way out to keep the nose turning in. This is not saying that this car is going to be easier to drive, nor am a specifying what that weight distribution may be. @MichaelBächtold Indeed I assume that about the son, however, even if the case is different, this misconception gives a nice chance to discuss about relative frequencies - informally, of course - and how could to equiprobable events occur with different frequencies. From your message, I understand that the car is suffering from too much oversteer – that is, the rear of the car wants to come around. Maybe engine layout in a racing application is also the result of practicality than simply weight distribution. . Rear bias weight distribution is better for number of reasons BUT having too much rear weight means in mid turns the car will understeer on power, this is exactly the tendency of rear weight bias car. He needs to be right. They’re working to reduce inertia which is the big drawback to having the engine stick out beyond the wheel axis. I would also wonder about the condition of the springs on your car. it’s the other way round…. In this case, it should be determined by the stop watch where the best placement of the ballast is. A rear-heavy car would oversteer. A little googling led me to your article, and you couldn’t have put it more clearly. There seems to be more confusion over weight distribution than any other concept of automotive performance. Although you mention a rearward weight balance has all these positive effects, it does seem to still create understeer still at the limit. I’ve just bought an adjustable suspension kit for my car and was hoping to achieve a 50:50 weight distribution as I thought this was best. Goes to show that there is not one specific distribution number that’s perfect. The number of basketball shots is discrete, not continuous. For further "model-breaking" (let's call it Socratian questioning of the child's mental model): if 1 lottery ticket has 50-50 chance of winning, what are my chances if I have 2 tickets? For one, a Motorcycle has a MUCH SHORTER wheelbase and two, it has a much higher center of gravity when the rider is on the bike. Although he did not say it I assume the author was not intending to imply that weight in large amounts actually behind the rear axle would help with turning. Also, if he was right, that must apply to each lottery player, and if he has a 50/50 chance of a win, also the other N players would have the same winning probability, and for that to be true either half of the tickets are winning tickets or the total probability is more than 100%, which cannot be. you can not adjust the shocks (damping, rebound) and install different springs but tweaking camber, toe etc is obviously allowed. This is probably the best way to navigate a corner in a 50/50 car (with respect to even loading of outside tyres). It’s not hard to weight a car 50/50 and have a large mass extending out behind, or in front of their relative axes. You have to be living under a rock to miss the traction advantage the 04 Ford GT had over contemporary Vipers. All cars are unique in this respect and the way you control this on any car in any turn is with trail braking and throttle over steer. Like your child it seems. The only way out of a turn in any car is to lay the gas down to get traction and rear weight distribution…fast. Thanks. Many modern mid/rear engine cars have nearly identical disc’s front and rear because during heavy braking events the brakes are more evenly loaded. You can follow all the replies to this entry through the comments feed. 50/50 means little. Just chill. The song, produced by Soul Professa, features fellow American rappers Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy. Red you win. Thanks in advance. Could this be that I need to raise the rear a bit to get some more weight to the front? Again, without teaching, you might start asking about what's the practical use of probability if you exclude "PROBABILITY" from it and just list outcomes. Is it on original springs? Consider a smaller number, a 1/3 chance lottery with 3 choices. I know the readers of the blog really don’t car about practicality, but car manufactures do. Streetcars are easier to understand these days than those 1960’s porsches, because for the most part, their dynamics are dictated by the litigious society we live in. Both affect driving characteristics. So why isn't it a simple 50/50 gamble? This causes mechanical advantage in a turn, which causes oversteer issues. N50 statistic defines assembly quality in terms of contiguity.Given a set of contigs, the N50 is defined as the sequence length of the shortest contig at 50% of the total genome length. If the number doesn't change between guesses then the chance of subsequent guesses being correct goes up. if no, then maybe that's a time to start explaining that "probability" has a different meaning for him and for (at least majority of) rest of the world. Choosing a specific number 0-9, you have a 1/10 chance of it being correct. The engineers make these cars rear-biased so improve acceleration. But Porsche wanted the two small rear seats in the 911. Its as simple as that. All I want to say is that Porsche designer themselves know that 911 is not that perfect and they are trying to alter weight distribution themselves. Each ticket is either a winning one or a losing one, and there is only one winning ticket. for proof of this look no further than its twin the BRZ which has a front bias spring rate that more closely matches natural frequencies between front and rear based on actual chassis weight distribution. In order to do that, you'd need to delve into expected values taking into account the probability of winning, the price of the tickets, and the prizes you can potentially earn. Say that a player wins if they guess right the next outcome. The general rule of thumb when it comes to reducing oversteer is to soften the rear suspension or stiffen the front (which in effect makes the rear proportionally softer). You used race cars as examples for why 50/50 weight distribution is not ideal. This is a CORRECT belief. You've got 100 out of 100 tickets. But it doesn't rains half of the days (at least, in my city). So, your child's reasoning would be right (or at least justifiable) if you said, for example: "Let's play a game. Look at the BRZ-FRS-GT86. on bicycle we have two brakes, front and back. Inductance and Inductive Reactance of the Line per meter. But flip 2 coins 100 times and you'll find that the outcomes "two heads" and "two tails" will be less frequent than "one hand and one tail". Battery in the front trunk, suspension tuning, wider rear tires, etc. I’m not really sure how you came up with the lame pun in the headline or why you thought you were busting automotive myths, but I hope you can accept it now. 5500 Series 50 Amp AC Distribution Panels can be TWO PANELS IN ONE to save cost and space. My guess is that the added weight and maybe a change to the distribution may be responsible, but I still don’t know. But be careful when making a change this big since it could make the car dangerous. So there is nothing special about where exactly the mass is distributed; it only matters how these basic properties are affected.

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